Amber Ellington

Our Founder

Before founding TaxTyme Consultants in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Amber began doing taxes back in 1997 from her home. In September of the year 2008, she went to the professional tax world and became and assistant manager at Liberty Tax Services for three and a half years. After this, she ventured out to a small company and helped build their business by being their assistant manager for five years.

Working with two different companies made her realize that she wanted to start her own tax business. This was her dream career and passion. It’s rare for people to say that they’re doing what they love but for her, it’s her reality. She loves helping her clients with their tax situation and educating them about the different tax laws and updates.

Education Background

Apart from the experiences she accumulated while serving other tax companies, Amber also studied Business Management. She completed an Associate’s Degree in 2010.

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